Celebrating MCEE’s 60th Anniversary!

From the Maryland Council on Economic Education’s beginning 60 years ago, the #1 priority of the MCEE has been teacher training. Research shows that students perform better under the guidance of teachers trained to use specific materials and programs; therefore, MCEE provides the training and the resources teachers need to carry out effective economics and financial literacy education in a 21st century classroom. MCEE trainings prepare teachers to equip their students with life-skills that will stand the students in good stead as they take their place in the global marketplace. Solid teacher-training results in students who are good decision-makers, know how to develop their human capital, can obtain and sustain a good job, have a decent place to live, understand the importance of long-term saving and investing and become involved members of their community.

Today’s financial climate, measured by an increase in bankruptcies, foreclosures, and credit card debt, provides compelling reasons for learning about economics and personal finance. As a result, the work of the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is needed more than ever.

With the support of our many partners, the staff and board of the Maryland Council on Economic Education remains committed to improving economic and financial literacy in Maryland. Please take a few moments to review our annual report which reflects the accomplishments of the last year.

Mary Ann HewittMary Ann Hewitt
Executive Director

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