InvestWrite Competition

InvestWrite logoStudents who have entered the world of business and finance through participation in The Stock Market Game™ program can use the perfect companion, our teacher-designed writing component and competition, which reinforces their newfound knowledge and hones critical thinking skills. Utilizing feedback from teachers nationwide, InvestWrite builds a bridge between classroom learning and the real world.

InvestWrite complements The Stock Market Game™ program learning experience and easily integrates across subjects throughout the curriculum. Students benefit by enhancing their Stock Market Game™ program experience through writing. Statewide InvestWrite winners are selected for elementary, middle and high schools in both the fall and the spring.

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4-5 Grade Division State Winner
Loren King
Cromwell Valley Elementary, Baltimore County
Flo Falatko, Advisor

9–12 Grade Division State Winner
Robbie Kenderdine
Applications and Research Laboratory, Howard County
Maddy Halbach, Advisor