Congratulations to the 2014 Personal Finance Challenge Winners

Students from ARL in Howard County placed 1st in this year's Challenge.

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Games - Simulations - and More

  • Gen i Revolution

    - Online game for middle and high school students to enhance Personal Finance skills; Can be played on their own or matched to lessons from Learning, Earning and Investing.

  • Hands On Banking

    - Grade-band leveled interactive programs for children, teens, young adults and adults to help learn more about the basics of finances and money management; also available in Spanish.

  • The Piggy Bank Adventure

    - Online game in which students learn the importance of financial planning in an engaging format.

  • Practical Money Skills

    - Financial literacy site for everyone from children to adult; games, videos, calculators, etc…for addressing a multitude of financial literacy needs.

  • The Fun Vault

    - Online gaming site for teaching K-3 Personal Finance skills; includes a "Chores Tracker" and "Allowance and Rewards" tool.


Economic Lessons PreK

Economic Lessons Grades K-3

Personal Finance Lessons Grades 3-5

 Economic Lessons Grades 4-5

Economic Lessons Grades 6-8

Personal Finance Lessons Grades 6-8

Economic Lessons Grades 9-12

Personal Finance Lessons Grades 9-12




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