Maryland Teachers and Innovative Teaching Strategies

What do Maryland educators Lisa Bender, Flo Falatko, Mary Neely and Lynda Motiram all have in common? These Maryland teachers have been identified by the national organization, Council on Economic Education (CEE) as teachers that use innovative strategies to deliver economic and financial education.  What’s even better is that they all agreed to share their methods with educators throughout the country via video links on CEE’s blog page.

Of special note is that these educators teach different grade levels. So, literally, there is something for almost everyone.  Lynda Motiram from Old Mill High School uses graph relay races, an interactive graphing activity, to apply concepts and engage students. While Flo Falatko from Cromwell Elementary has her students play the Stock Market Game TM and Edmodo to simulate and track stock market trading. Mary Neely from Orchard Grove Elementary encourages her students to create songs that demonstrate specific economic concepts. And, Lisa Bender, from Southern Garrett County High School promotes technology and economics through online content instruction.  And, all of Lisa’s students are equipped with classroom computer tablets thanks to a Discover grant she wrote to keep pace with the new teaching and learning tools of the 21st century.  Let’s give a shout out to our Maryland teachers that use and share innovative strategies to teach and apply economic and financial education!

To view the Innovative Teaching Blog on CEE’s site that features some of our Maryland educators, check out this link