Spring into Summer Fun with Economics and Financial Literacy; Check Out Our Upcoming Events!

Come one, come all, get your feet wet starting now through summer learning about how you can integrate economics and financial literacy into your curricula!  We have all kinds of fun and interactive resources and workshops scheduled from now through the summer.

Looking for something fun to do with your students to finish out the year?  Check out our FREE Stock Market Game TM that runs from May 5th through June 27th.  To register, follow this link to www.stockmarketgame.org. The Stock Market Game, affectionately referred to as SMG TM, offers teachers a great way to teach across the curriculum by reinforcing concepts learned in English, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math.  The game is open to grades 4th through 12th. You might even consider this as an opportunity to check out all the lessons and materials that the Stock Market Game TM (SMG) has to offer so that your classes in the 2015/2016 school year have another opportunity to use the skills that correlate well with the College and Career Ready Curricula.

MCEE also has plenty of summer fun scheduled so in between your travels, consider registering and coming to our summer programs. Begin with MCEE’s Financial Literacy Summit scheduled for June 25th, 2015.  The Financial Literacy Summit features different tracks to accommodate K-12 teachers and offers a variety of presentations and resources, free of charge.  We even pay a $50.00 stipend to help offset travel expenses!  To register, follow this link: www.econed.org/events/.

And, just in case you didn’t have enough fun in the sun, we also have a workshop titled Common Sense Economics for Life.  This July 1st workshop for secondary teachers provides not only engaging and fun content, but also includes free resources and a travel stipend. To register, click here: www.econed.org/events/. The registration deadline is May 15th, 2015th.

For elementary teachers, we have two professional development workshops scheduled for August 10th, and August 12th, 2015, called Teaching Financial Literacy Standards, Grades K-5.  This comprehensive workshop is free to participants and offers lesson plans, fiction, and informational texts to help reinforce financial literacy curricula in Maryland elementary classrooms. To register, go to www.edoned.org and click on “events”.

Just when you think you haven’t heard enough great offers for a fun-filled summer, check out some of our recent teacher accomplishments.  Congratulations to Flo Falatko of Cromwell Valley Elementary in Baltimore County for not only winning the Maryland Financial Education and Capability Teacher of the Year sponsored by MSDE, MCEE, and the MD. CASH Campaign, but for all her daily accomplishments in the classroom as detailed in the recent Baltimore Sun article Excel at Financial Literacy.  Consider reading about how Flo integrates economics and personal finance into her 5th grade class by organizing a class economy complete with student occupations, and a class store!  But the crème de la crème is how she uses the Stock Market Game TM to engage her students in understanding the nuances of saving and investing.

We also would like to give a shout out to Susan Baudoin who teaches at Parkdale High School in Prince George’s County for all her work on behalf of financial literacy and for her support for Maryland Council on Economic Education programs.  Susan is the recipient of the Maryland Financial Education and Capability Teacher of the Year for high school.  The middle school Maryland Financial Education and Capability Teacher of the Year was awarded to Sheryl Crow from Severna Park Middle in Anne Arundel County in celebration of her work on behalf of financial literacy.

You too can be a the Maryland Financial Education and Capability Teacher of the Year by jumping into economics and financial literacy curricula by modeling best practices in economic and financial literacy education using Maryland Council on Economic Education and our national affiliate, the Council on Economic Education’s strategies and resources to teach Maryland students.  We hope you consider joining us this summer for plenty of fun in the sun!