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Summary of FY2018 Maryland Program Participation




  •     Coordinated training for and delivery of the Maryland/DC Stock Market Game™ for over 2,800 teams including 295 teachers and over 10,000 students. Students in grades 4-12, along with college students and adults, work in teams to learn investing basics by conducting research to build a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds, starting with a hypothetical $100,000 and using real-time prices to buy and sell shares on the New York, American and Nasdaq Exchanges.
  •     Conducted Maryland’s annual Economics Challenge competition for 31 teams of 11th- and 12th-grade economics students from schools in Baltimore, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, St. Mary’s and Worcester counties. Teams of four students competed in two divisions demonstrating the extent of their economics instruction.
  •     Conducted Maryland’s annual Personal Finance Challenge competition for 33 teams of high school students from schools in Baltimore, Calvert, Carroll, Charles, Howard, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s counties and Baltimore City. Teams of four students competed on demonstrating their personal finance knowledge.
  •     Conducted Maryland’s annual “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” poster contest. Nearly 1,500 students from 41 elementary and middle schools in 14 Maryland school systems submitted posters to visually demonstrate their understanding of fundamental economic and personal finance concepts.