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Educator Spotlight: Ed Keeler

December 06, 2022 1:12 PM | Dawn Baker (Administrator)

    Ed Keeler    

Easton Middle

Talbot County Public Schools

For Ed Keeler, veteran social studies teacher at Easton Middle School in Talbot County, teaching personal finance and economics concepts to his eighth grade students starts by looking back. Ed is enhancing his history curriculum by connecting students with something they know and value: money.

“Much of American history is based on capitalism,” explains Ed. “I start off talking about the age of exploration and how people took risks. I make a big deal about investing and companies being born. I can then tie that history to economics concepts like the stock market and ask my students, ‘Now, what does the future look like?’”

MCEE’s Stock Market Game is a perfect tool for Ed’s students to explore that question.

“Students absolutely love the game. They get geared up in collaborating, tracking stocks, and predicting the future performance of companies,” he notes. “We have countless discussions about what might be coming; will electric cars be big? What will happen with fast food? What growing companies have we overlooked? It’s the highlight of my teaching, and MCEE is a huge help in organizing the game and supporting it with lessons.”

Ed has been teaching for 34 years and his participation with MCEE extends beyond the Stock Market Game. He regularly attends events, serves on the MCEE Teacher Advisory Board, and has worked with students on MCEE’s Investwrite essay competition. “MCEE is a fantastic resource,” he explains. “Teachers should go to them for ideas and support. It makes a difference.” 

Says Ed, “Teachers should explain that students this age will soon be old enough to work, to save, and to take control of their finances,” he said. “I share personal experiences and the lessons I’ve learned. Students connect to that. It’s a perfect jumping off point towards learning about history and personal finance - together.” 

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