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Maryland Personal Finance Challenge

We are excited to announce changes to the Maryland Personal Finance program.This expansion will provide greater flexibility for you as an educator to plan and integrate the challenge into your curriculum.

To ensure that as many students as possible can participate in the Maryland Personal Finance Challenge, we have expanded the opportunity by offering two different online testing sessions.

  • April 8 - April 12, 2024

Note: a student can participate in either the January or the April testing, but not both.

Learn more about the Maryland Personal Finance Challenge by attending one of these Information Sessions:

Personal Finance Speaker Series

  • More sessions will be starting in February

Register here for the Maryland Personal Finance Challenge 


The Maryland Personal Finance Challenge is an academic competition that provides high school students the opportunity to learn and then demonstrate knowledge and application of personal finance concepts. Student teams from high schools across the state compete to be recognized as the Maryland State Champion. The winning team is invited to represent Maryland at the National Personal Finance Challenge Competition. Teachers of economics, business, marketing, personal finance, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are urged to participate. There are no registration fees so this makes a great class activity.

Visit the National Personal Finance Challenge website for information about How It Works on the national level.

Prizes and Recognition


All team members and their teacher/advisor receive a cash prize.

First Place - $250, Second Place - $125, Third Place - $100, Fourth Place - $50 


All student team members receive a cash prize and more...

First Place - $2,000, Second Place - $1,000, Third Place $500, Fourth Place $250

Personal Finance Challenge Speaker Series

Risk Management, Lessons and Resources

Understanding Fraud and Identity Theft, Lessons and Resources


  • Teaching Personal Finance: Managing Modern Financial Online Risks The Federal Trade Commission reports that fraud originating on social media has soared over the past five years. Through videos and readings, participants will learn about the different types of identity theft and fraud that users of social media are particularly vulnerable to.
  • Cybersecurity and Economics: Evaluating Websites In this lesson, students access a website to research the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, which is a hoax. The initial (false) premise of the lesson is that students are learning to use online research to gather evidence, formulate an opinion, and take steps to contact elected officials.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Council for Economics Education - Personal Finance Challenge: Tax Saving Strategies 

Social Security and the National Debt


Ways to Save - 401(k) and Roth 401(k) - In this episode of the No-Frills Money Skills video series, students learn that it is important to save for college, cars, retirement, and the unexpected. The video also explains the difference between a 401(k) and a Roth 401(k).

Teacher/Coach Toolkit

The manual includes details about how the competition works, prizes, timeline and other details. Updates to the Rules are coming soon. 

Find a comprehensive list of resources, practice tests and other preparation materials. Be sure to checkout the new Nearpod and Google Quiz practice tests.

Learn about the rules and regulations for participating at the national level.

Watch a presentation, learn about scoring and hear comments from the judges.

This webinar series is presented by our partners, Dr. Julie Heath and Susan McNamara. Each episode features two one-hour sessions. Each session will cover one of the six National Standards for Financial Literacy, two lesson plans relating to that standard, and a tie-back of the lessons and learnings to the NPFC.

Get your students excited to participate. Show this 2023 Recap Video.

Have your students test their knowledge by taking a practice test.

2024 Competition Dates 

Maryland Personal Finance Challenge

On-line testing:  January 8 - January 12 or April 8 - April 12, 2024 

Note: a student can participate in either the January or the April testing, but not both. 

The top six teams, determined by the combined scores from both testing sessions, will qualify to compete in the Maryland Personal Finance Challenge Finals. 

Maryland Personal Finance Challenge FINALS

Wednesday, April 24th from 8:00-3:00; location Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, Baltimore Branch

National Personal Finance Challenge

Finals: May 19th & 20th, 2024, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Congratulations to the following teams who competed in the 2023 Maryland Personal Finance Challenge Finals.

  • 1st Place, Applications Research Lab, William Pratesi, Advisor
  • 2nd Place, Severn School, Julien Meyer Advisor
  • 3rd Place, Northwest High, Kristin Vick, Advisor
  • 4th Place, Mt. St. Joseph, Julius Prezelski, Advisor



2022 Maryland Personal finance challenge winners

2022 High School Winners

2022 State Champions and National First Runner-up

Applications Research Laboratory, Howard County
Advisor:  Maddy Halbach
TEAM MEMBERS:  Anuj Alamasety,
Noah Hoffman, David Liu, Nathaniel Sager

2ND PLACE – Mt. St. Joseph High, Baltimore County

Advisor:  Julius Prezelski

TEAM MEMBERS:  Stephen Lawrence, Connor Neugebauer, Thomas Rybinski, Noah Jones

3RD PLACE–Towson High, Baltimore County
Advisor:  Gil Stange
TEAM MEMBERS: Alexander Frey, Landon Katz, Benjamin Raufman

4TH PLACE–Mt, Hebron High, Howard County

Advisor:  Samantha Hall

TEAM MEMBERS: Noah Park, Hiya Patel, Dhishan Reddy, Summit Sarkar

Towson University
8000 York Rd.
Towson, MD  21252-0001

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